In-App Purchases

In-App Purchases

You can pay once for different additionally functions.
This functions extend the basic functionality. Just listening to audiobook is possible without buying anything.

Please notice that buying extra functions is no error solver. Bugs will fixed in all versions. In case of an error or bug please contact the Support.


Disable Ads 1,99 € / 0,99 € an Discount days

You can disable the ads from the menu entry “Disable Ads”. You do not see the commercials longer. Additionally there is more space more the app and zou have less internet traffic.


Continue from Startscreen 1,99 €

This function adds a new tile “Continue”  to your startscreen. With this tile you can continue your last audiobook.
Additionally you got two new Cortana speech commands. Say this to Cortana:
“Audiobook continue”, to continue the last audiobook.
“stop 10 minutes”, activates the sleep timer with the amount of minutes.


Library Extension 1,99 €

You can use or buy this extension on activate the “Include subdirectories” option or clickiung the group button in the library.
This Extension includes grouping of the library by e.g. by date or author, and includes subdirectories in on the added folders.
If you did not buy  this function subdirectories can added separately.


Full version 4,99 € / 0,00 € with Voucher code

This version contains all current and future functions.


Any questions please contact the Support.