Welcome to the audiobook Player App page!

Audiobook Player enables you to play audiobooks on your Windows device.
The App is optimized to play many small audio files in one folder and saves the playback position of all your books.
Audiobooks can be played from your local device, removable devices or OneDrive.
You can Switch between your devices your playback position is synchronized.



Getting started

  1. Download the App from the Store Windows and WindowsPhone 10 | WindowsPhone 8.1 | Windows 8.1
  2. Copy your audiobook Folder to your device.
    For example by USB, SD-Card or download it. 
    A folder with the audio files inside is called an audiobook folder.
  3. Start the App and add the location of the parent folder of your audiobook folder under library Settings to the library.
  4. Now your audiobook appears in the library and you can start it with click.



Audiobook Library

The Library Supports a list and a cover view, shows the postion, complete Duration, audiobook name and Interpret.
Now with subdirectory Support.

Play the last audiobook

Start the last audiobook directly from the startscreen or via a Cortana speech command.

Sleep Timer

Start the sleep timer manually, via a Cortana speech command or automatically between a defined time.

Audiobook Player App for Windows Phone 8.1

Audiobook Player App is available for Windows Phone 8.1.

Audiobook Player App for Windows 10

Audiobook Player App is available for Windows 10 and Windows Phone 10.

Windows 10 app video

user reviews

Extremely easy to use and enjoyable to have. Thanks for the great app. I’m using it for music as well because Xbox & Groove music really suck.

18.12.2015 – Robert Windows Phone 8.1

Beste Audiobook App im Store. Sync/Fortsetzen funktioniert super und App bekommt fleißig Updates! Weiter so. Band 2 support funktioniert jetzt auch unter W10 Mobile 🙂

20.12.2015 – Rene Windows 10

The app does it job well no complaints here. Easy to use and upload files. No other audiobook player around, even better than most Android Players.

31.12.2015 – Filipe Windows Phone 8.1

Könnte optisch etwas verbessert werden, aber das ist für mich zweitrangig. Technisch top.

03.01.2016 – Andreas Windows 10

I love this!

03.01.2016 – Liza Windows Phone 8.1

Мне понравился плеер добавить бы еще смену скорости воспроизведения как в Smart AudioBook Plaer для андроида

26.12.2014 – Сергей Windows Phone 8.1

Beste App zum Hören von Hörbüchern

23.09.2015 – Frank Windows Phone 8.1

Weiß nicht ob es ehemals anders war, aber heute funktioniert diesem app richtig gut, unterstutz nun auch Cortana, sehr nett!

24.09.2015 – Martin Windows 10

Die mit Abstand beste Audiobook app für WP. Super Bibliothek, einfache Bedienung und jedes Update macht die App noch bedienerfreundlich. Must have für Audiobookfreunde

14.02.2015 – Natas Windows Phone 8.1

Best audio book player I’ve used on windows to date. Sync function works like a charm and love being able to use any windows device and pick up where I left off. Continually being updated and new functionality being introduced which is quite rare and is good to know it hasn’t been forgotten. I definitely recommend audio book lovers to check it out.

01.05.2015 – James Windows Phone 8.1

Fantastic app! Syncs with my Windows 8 PC, allowing me to resume play on either devices. I only wish it was more good looking. Recommended to all audiobook Lovers!

26.03.2015 – Nikhil Windows Phone 8.1

Hervorragende App! Man sollte allerdings insgesamt 3,98€ ausgeben, um “Fortsetzen vom Startbildschirm” zu aktivieren und um die App werbefrei nutzen zu können. Jeden Cent wert!

14.03.2015 – Jörg Windows Phone 8.1

Really good app. Love the Features.

12.07.2015 – Nathan Windows 10

This is a great audiobook player – does just what’s needed. Thanks!

25.08.2015 – Matthew Windows 10

Использую на смартфоне Lumia 640 и обычном компьютере, на мой взгляд прекрасная программа. Есть свои особенности, но в целом ничуть не хуже аналогов на Андроиде и iOS. Первые версии были глючными и малофункциональными, но теперь все пришло в норму.

27.08.2015 – Yura Windows 10

One of the best, i use it alot…

29.08.2015 – Jerre Windows Phone 8.1

Thanks. Little bit annoying to add tags before putting the audio book 📚 to the phone 📞. This is the best app for playing abook directly from the phone memory. Last update is awesome. Thanks!!!! Update: Now we can change tags in player. Greatest app ever.

19.09.2015 – Dragon Windows Phone 8.1

Tolle App!

Inzwischen bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der App, nachdem es in einer vorherigen Version öfters Probleme gab. Wer Probleme hatte, sollte es jetzt vielleicht nochmal probieren. Sowohl die W10-Universal-App auf dem Desktop, als auch die WP8.1-App laufen bei mir bis jetzt ganz gut.

20.09.2015 – Raphael Windows 10

Beste Audiobook App im Store. Sync/Fortsetzen funktioniert super und App bekommt fleißig Updates! Weiter so.

21.09.2015 – Rene Windows Phone 8.1

Отлично работает с аудиокнигами. Сохраняется позиция во всех книгах из библиотеки

22.09.2015 – Михаил Windows Phone 8.1

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The new Audiobook Player App update is available in the Store. It includes internal component updates and the beta of the new bookmark sync.
@gnfb Hi Graham, thanks. Can you test again please and send me a error mnessage when it appears.
Tested the current version of the App with the new #WindowsMobile Build 14342.1003. Looks great, everything is working so far.
8h train journey. Perfect for a new audiobook.
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@onedrive Yes, thank you. The #OneDrive feature is already finished. The new SDK for #UWP Apps is very nice to use. Update at the weekend.
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